STUDIO: Swingin Balls

DESCRIPTION: Our sexy Hippy man Jack Holden couldn’t wait to use his new toy just one last time before heading to his next destination. We find him in his bath robe after taking a shower in his black underwear. Fuck I just don’t know how all that cock and balls fits in. He starts teasing his cock with his new toy and it isn’t long until he’s got nothing on that keeps him away from his big cock and low hanging balls, lets not forget about that hot hairy hole. It’s not long until he get his hot pink toy and inserts it in and out of his hole for his enjoyment; And ours!rnrnHis big cock gets hard and starts dripping precum almost instantly. He keeps stroking and play with his low hangers as he gets closer and closer to the big explosion. With the controls on his phone he keeps making adjustments to keep his ass feeling at maximum feeling! As he adjust the speed of his toy, we get to get many close ups of his balls moving and shacking in almost every angle and view! Fuck these are sum nice balls!rnrnWell after enough time of enjoy that sexy cock and balls, his ass is feeling great and his cock is throbbing with excitement of cumming. Fuck the explosion is amazing just like a shower of sweet hot cum! Man I know I’m not alone on this one, just how many would want this load from these big balls all over them? I know I sure would!rnrnWith that being said, Jack signs off with a smile knowing he’s done a fine job and his balls will be ready for another blast in no time at all! Maybe next time, JS Wild needs to find a cock to make this boy see stars.

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