CAST: Mia Linz

STUDIO: Virtual Taboo

DESCRIPTION: Your hоt young neighbor Mia Linz has been working hard all уear in college. She has takеn on a full load of classes and plаyed for the university’s tennis team. Now that summer is here, she was hoping to have some fun and relax, but also needed a job. You and your wife were happy to hire her to help out around the house. It didn’t take her long to start flirting when your wife was away. The nineteen year old blonde is so very proud of her tight body. Tennis has strengthened her legs and given her a wonderful curve to her tight young ass. She catches you noticing in her short dress and lifts it to show you that she isn’t wearing any panties. You know this is trouble, but don’t stop her as she exposes her juicy ass and perky tits, teasing you as she reveals the secret crush she has had on you all summer. She knows that you like what you see when she spreads her strong thighs and opens her pretty pink hole for you. It is as wet as you are hard and there is no way you are going to be able to resist. Mia doesn’t want you to resist though. She wants you to take out your cock and stroke it while her fingers slip into her wet pussy and she cums while you watch. That was just a warm up. Your naughty neighbor wants more. Come on, your wife will never find out.

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