Allyssa Hall is a very naughty little pornstar indeed. Standing at just 5ft 2”, you may not think that Allyssa should be able to control a cock the way she can. However, for anyone that has seen any of her porn scenes, you’ll know that Allyssa is always firmly in control of any cock. Allyssa has a great look about her. She looks like a smut slut and doesn’t disappoint on film either. She has B cups, but due to her tight yet curvy body, these little natural beauties look bigger than they are. Her ass too is a lovely size, and she has a pussy that would make a nun wet! So, she certainly has the body for porn. Everyone wants to see Allyssa with her clothes off, but what about her sexual skill? Well, that shit is amazing too.

There is a porn scene in which Allyssa tackles 4 cocks at once. In these porn scenes, the female can often look like she is spinning plates (or cocks in this case) and that can quickly ruin the mood of the whole scene. You want the female pornstar to seem in control of the cocks and be able to handle the throbbing hard-ons like it is no big deal. Well, then you need Allyssa Hall! She handles these four dicks with the class and the sass that a real pornstar needs to make it in this filthy world. There is no pussy slamming in this scene just some expertly place lips wrapped around some big cocks. Still, it is enough to say that Allyssa can certainly handle herself in a porn scene!

The way that Allyssa Hall can ride a dick also tells you that she loves having sex. She loves a thick dick deep inside of her. However, for most of us, it has always been her blowjob skills that have put Allyssa Hall in our top ten pornstars of all time. Sadly, I think that Allyssa has now retired from porn, but she leaves behind one of the greatest porn legacies of any teen pornstar and is still well worth a squirt.


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