CAST: Summer Carter

STUDIO: Girl Fap

DESCRIPTION: Summer is a complete breath of fresh air with her long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She also has nice natural breasts and milky white skin. She is a young girl who just wants to experience new things. She is in her room, playing with a giant stuffed giraffe. Her t-shirt proclaims I Love Nerds, and from what she tells us, she really does! When she takes off that shirt revealing firm breasts is when the fun really begins. She plays with her breasts a while and then pulls out a candy ring. After sucking on it a bit she decides to see how it feels on her pussy. It feels good. So good, in fact, that she passionately fucks herself with it from the front and then from behind on all fours. She is a sweet girl, all the way down to her perfect pink pussy.

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