CAST: Starla Page, Stephani Moretti

STUDIO: All Girl Nude Massage

DESCRIPTION: Stephani Moretti is a professional masseuse, and an amazingly beautiful woman to boot. So it was only natural to have her give Starla Page a massage. As the oil is poured on and hands are going all over the body, the two girls get really turned on. Stephani gets Starla completely naked and takes the massage to the next level. She pays lots of attention to Starlas pussy and rubs lots of oil all over it. Sticky and sweet, she has to taste it and gives Starla the best oral. When its Starlas turn to return the favour, she is lucky enough to massage Stephanis big boobs. Her fingers run up and down the nipples and make their way down between Stephanis legs. Can you imagine the sensation of slippery oil being rubbed between your legs? As you can see, it feels absolutely amazing!

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