STUDIO: Dominic Pacifico

DESCRIPTION: In the locker room of the notoriously hot “Seven Cruising Bar’ in Sao Paulo, sexy raw Latin studs Diego Moreno and Thomas Lesser are groping each others’ jockstrapped crotches and kissing. Thomas drops to his knees to sniff Diego’s jock and lick the thick uncut cock inside. He pulls it out and slaps it around his mouth before Diego holds the back of his neck to pull him down onto its full stiff length. Thomas is hung big and thick as well, and Diego beats his cock while he gets a deep mouthful before moving around to tongue deep into the Brazilian stud’s ass. Time for a bareback Brazilian ass fuck.rnrnDiego stands up to pump his XXXL cock into his buddy’s spit-slicked hole, grabbing Thomas’ hips to pound in even deeper. The tan tatted top drives in hard and rough as Thomas lets out a long low groan. Lying on his shoulders with ass in the air, Thomas gets his bare butt drilled full of massive, raw Latin dick. He kneels in front of Diego, stroking his cock just a few times before a flood of his sperm drenches Thomas’ hungry mouth. Diego lies back to get a faceful of his satisfied bottom’s creamy load.

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